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NRTP is one of the trusted and reliable pesticide registration consulting firms in India. We are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of the best Agrochemicals (Bio-fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, PGR, Bio-stimulants, pesticides, and more). Being one of the best Pesticide consultants in India, we understand your needs and provide complete assistance throughout the process of pesticide registration. From domestic registration, generation of data, and preparation of documents, we help you with everything.

Our Pesticide Registration Services with the Central Insecticide Board and Registration Committee (CIB & RC)

Other Services

  • Manufacturing License from the State Director of Agriculture
  • Sale permission from office of the State Director of Agriculture
  • Pollution Control Board (CTE and CTO)
  • License for Co-Marketing
  • Registration under Section 9(4) FIM (Formulation Indigenous Manufacture)
  • Registration under Section 9(4) TIM (Technical Indigenous Manufacture)
  • Registration under section 9(4) TI (Technical Import)
  • Registration under Section 9(3) Export
  • Registration of Bio-Pesticide Products under Section 9(3)B/9(3)
  • Registration of new products
  • Enhancement of Shelf Life of product
  • Transfer of Certificates/Shifting the address/Company Name Change
  • RTT Permit
  • Inclusion of product in the schedule
  • Import Permit
We help manufacturers and importers with the registration of the following Biostimulants:
Basically, these are chemicals that are used to control insects to prevent crops. One who wants to sell, manufacture, or store insecticides must have a license that can be availed after registration.
Usually, these are used to prevent undesired plants in commercial forests, on farms, and on lawns. In order to bring herbicides to the market, you need to apply for registration first.
These are used to prevent or kill the growth of fungi. Many fungicides are organic compounds that contain carbon. However, proper registration is required to bring them out in the market.

Plant growth regulators are used to modify plant growth such as suppressing shoot growth, increasing branching, removing excess fruit, altering fruit maturity, or increasing return bloom. Plant growth regulators are also known as plant hormones.

These are some specific types of pesticides that control pests and help you improve your crop yield.
These are some specific types of pesticides that control pests and help you improve your crop yield.

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